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Pen Pal Program

in San Marcos


  Culture Day  in San Marcos


Each year we go on this incredible trip. We spend a lot of time interacting with not just the children of the Los Quinchos Orphanage, but with many children in the villages of Jinotepe, the locals in Granada and sadly enough, even the families who live in the dumps of Managua, Nicaragaua.  Along with the donations we bring with us, we purchase items in the towns market and distribute the goods to those in need.  The gift we receive in giving to others is a priceless experience that can not be imagined until YOU experience such a journey.

Our Pen Pal Program started the first year we visited in 2009. It started with Valentine Cards from our school to each and every child at the orphanage.  We then provide Craft Time as they in return sent Valentine Cards back to our students.  We have included not only our local high school, but we have also invited the elementary school as well, so the younger children in our community get the feeling of being a part of something very big!  You can never be to young to start a "heart connection."

Each year (as long as the airlines allow) we have been able to take 1,000 lbs. of donations to the children of many villages and schools.

We collect clothes, shoes, sports equipment, sports jerseys and of course financial donations are always welcome.

We collect items from the start of our project each year, which is the begining of August,  until the time we leave . Date to be announced. 

Please switch to the DONATION PAGE,

call or email if you would like to make a donation.

For the past  8 years we have been blessed with having the means to provide backpacks with one years worth of school supplies to the children in the villages of Jinotepe, Nicaragua where the children are not able to come into town to attend  school.  Some of them walk two hours to get to the location, to received the backpacks.   This project is jointly supported by Luisa E. Bolen, Spanish Department Head Spanish teacher 6th, 7th, 8th of San Antonio Academy of Texas.  They have graciously helped us provide the funding for backpacks and other projects.  The experience and joy we get in shopping in the "markets" for the supplies, then stuffing the backpacks and hand delivering the gifts to the children is once again, a joy in our heart that is a priceless experience. Connecting schools, both here at home and there, to make the lives of others better, is an education that can only be experienced beyond the classroom.



While at the the orphanage, we enjoy time with the children as they share their music, salsa dancing and their way of everyday life.  To include walking 127 steps up to their bunkbed with no lights on the trail or having to walk over an hour to school, or having to carry water from a central location to the needed area.  We get an entirely new perspective on the simple pleasures, like running water in our sink.  


Music Academy

 in Jinotepe

Unity brings strength in numbers. T​​hrough private donations, T.A.S.K.,  The Rotary Club of Monterey Pacific,  Jinotepe Rotary Club, and the MAGIC of

Rotary International, it was possible to receive a $19,000.00 grant, which provided music instruments to establish the MUSIC ACADEMY OF JINOTEPE.  Each year our goal is to provide more fund for the up keep of the Academy and provide more instruments and supplies as neede. The academy  benefits  children in their community and will entertain many for years!

 Art Project

   in the village of Gaudalupe



Crayons, pens, art paper, paint, glitter and "giggles" cover the walls and tables in the village of Gaudalupe.  To see the children's faces when we present the supplies to them, gives US a heart filled with COLOR and JOY!

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

- Mahatma Gandhi

 Backpack  Projects

  in Jinotepe, San Marcos      and Granada 


CELEBRATING  5 years and going strong

Uniting the universal language of music and friendships

Sports equipment Drive

Each year we collect sport equipment: baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and more.... the beauty and joy in this drive is - We take the equipment, PLAY THE GAMES WITH THEM, then leave the equipment.  BEST GAMES IN COUNTRY.


A LEADERSHIP PROGRAM WILL BE INTRODUCED AND TAUGHT  in a way that will have a "RIPPLE of JOY effect" to those participating and sharing the joy.

TOGETHER we plan to change the world one interactive game at a time.

What else do we do?

At the LOCAL Level we: 

- Teach "A Cultural Experience" - an educational course with opportunity to travel abroad

- Do joint projects with community members, Rotarians, and other non-profits

- Focus on four directions of service:  school, community, county and international

On international grounds we do all of the above AND also:

- Teach "A Cultural Experience"

 - Scholarships for students from primary through college level

- Join communities to develop structural improvements as needed

- Provide books to schools and libraries: dictionaries, music books and art books

- Provide teacher instructional and art supplies

-Medical supplies/support (dental, vision, diabetes)

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier..."

                           ~ Mother Teresa

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