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Thank you for helping us, help THEM!


 Changing their life, changes YOURS. You are a moment away from MAKING A DIFFEENCE!

100% of all proceeds goes to the projects.  Just CLICK ON THE DONATION BUTTON BELOW or MAIL in your gift!    EVERY GIFT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED


Join us in the DREAM CAMPAIGN. One pillow, pillowcase and a twin size sheet for each child at Los Quinchos Orphanage  - 150 children.

What's YOUR dream?

$4.00 will purchase a pillow and help a child have "Dreams of a better tomorrow".

How much is your cup of coffee?

$7.00 will buy a child a backpack for school WITH a YEAR worth of school supplies.

How much do you pay for YOUR shoes?  

$25.00 will buy a child a school uniform: skirt, blouse, socks, leather shoes, and a camisole for girls or pants, button down shirt, leather shoes, and socks for the boys.  (ages 6-16)


The simple gifts in life are the greatest gifts in the world!

Donations we would like to take with us:  Sports equipments for basketball, baseball, soccer.

Jerseys (girls and boys - ages 6-16)  and volleyball supplies.

Not only are we able to take this equipment with us, we play the games with them and that experience in itself is PRICELESS. You could not buy tickets to a better sports event!

THANK YOU for donating to our cause! 

You are helping to build the next great CULTURAL EXPERIENCE, giving participants  the chance to  gain confidence, discover their own gifts to the world ,become leaders, and have fun as we "connect hearts and communities".  Bridging  together foreign soils and souls of humanity  in an impoverished world that gives US  the gift of "feeling" and discovering what true APPRECIATION, GRATITUDE, HAPPINESS AND LOVE is, simply by sharing our time and gifts with others.    THANK YOU!

CLICK ON THE DONATE BUTTON  and "Make A Difference" in the world!

          OR "SNAIL MAIL" your MAGIC TO: 139 GRAND AVE. #6, PACIFIC GROVE, CA  93950

Contact Us:

Thank YOU for being a part of us reaching our $50,000 goal!

Ways of making  donations: 

    1)  Click the DONATE BUTTON - Pay Pal will joyfully accept your gift.

     2) Mail check -  

                  Payable to: T

     T.A.S.K 4 U & Me Foundation, Inc.


T.A.S.K 4 U & Me 

139 Grand Ave. #6

Pacific Grove,

CA 93950

Tel: 831.596.8226


Tax I.D. number available upon request

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