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 DISCOVERING THE SIMPLE VALUES IN LIFE THROUGH THE EYES OF NICARAGUA:  Kindness, generosity, appreciation and pure love are the gifts that are received when we give to others with no expectation in return.  Parents and teens come together and share an experience lost in the busy world and demands of every day.  Come join me in the fun of discovering, it is a joy and not a job to  do community service. Discover how helping hands are happy hands and the joy in return, that feeds your soul! ​

Classes are a total of week  25 weeks  (Travel depending)
Once a group comes together for initial consultation meeting,  the group designs the day and time of meetings.   


You do not have to travel to be in the course.  The trip is a bonus, and helping hands here, certainly make a difference there!



How long has T.A.S.K. existed?    14 years

Who leads it?  DiAnna L. Gamecho-Founder/Director since 2004

Who benefits?  Many children and adults both locally and internationally as we do 4 projects a year: one at school, one for our community, one for our county, and one international.

Who funds the program?  Fundraisers, in-kind donations, "gifts" 

                               We are a NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 Foundation, Inc. 


  Life Coaching
Classes offered for the duration of the the school year for groups or as individual appointments


In today's hussel and bussel with the demands of everyday life, the world around us could be overwhelming.

If you find yourself in that place and you know you want more, better grades,  a better understanding of your lifes transitions, or simply want to discover what you want to do next with your life -- contact me.


When you discover that missing puzzel piece and you can see the bigger picture yet can not figure out how to get it, contact me


                          The fun is waiting just a phone call or e-mail away!



Humanitarian Guidance


Do you feel like there is something missing from your life?

Cannot figure it out, yet you can "feel"  a need to do something?

Come join us in doing something for yourself and others.


Dare to following your dreams.

Let me guide you to changing your life as you change the lives of others.

I am living my Purpose ..... YOU CAN TO!  

ASK ME HOW.........

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