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About US

This program gives opportunity to travel to Nicaragua each year working with children in many locations.  Making a difference with hands on projects and donations.

                        Connecting hearts and communities

In the course taught to parents and students, they discover the "gift of receiving as you give" and "it is a joy not a job" to do community service or any humanitarian act as we discovered that and more, through the eyes and the experience of Nicaragua.

So many times the simple needs of life is taken for granted... a warm shower, a clean towel, a home that feels safe.....

Through the eyes of a three year old at the dumps,in Nicaragua, I took on a whole new perspective of being happy "JUST BECAUSE."   It doesn't take  nice clothes, a toy to play with or a big house, to feel happiness.  She helped me to "see gratitude" and to "know appreciation."  She showed me how to connect to my soul.

This is exactly what can be experienced when participating in this program. Some people say they have to feel "sweat equity" to be accomplished, I am here to tell you "heart equity" is as valuable and as intense as hitting the nail on the head.

There are many hearts touched and connected for a lifetime with each journey from "our soils to the souls of humanity"


Who We Are

      T.A.S.K. 4 U & ME ~ Together Achieving Successful Kindness


                  EDUCATE   *   ENCOURAGE  *   ENLIGHTEN 

 A program that educates though an interactive manner that allows participants to experience a "Cultural Experience" as they discover their gifts to the world. 

Participants receive and opportunity to travel to Nicaragua  as they contribute to 5 cities in 6 days! In a 14 year period, this program has connected many hearts not just in Nicaragua, yet also,  right here in our own community as we discover...

                                      simple is sensational 

What We Offer

  At the Local  Level:  
              Teach  “A Cultural Experience”   
           An Educational course with  travel  opportunity
  •    Provide scholarships for student travel (must be eligible) 

  •    Focus on four directions of service: school, community, county            and international

  •     Joint projects with Rotarian's and other non-profits


  At the Foreign Level:
           Teach “A Cultural Experience”
  • Scholarships for primary though college students

  • Join communities to develop structural improvements as needed

  • Provide books to schools and libraries (dictionaries, music books, art books)

  • Provide school uniforms, including shoes

  • Provide backpacks for grades K- 12 WITH a years worth of school supplies 

  • Provide teacher instructional and  art supplies

  • Higher learning opportunities for college students and adults

  • Collaborate with Music Academy to provide instruments to entrepreneurs, the University and lower schools

  • Joint projects with government (when possible) or any other institution  in the view of  “Partnership with a Purpose”

  • Support Disability Centers (educational supplies, instructors’ supplies)

  • Medical supplies/support (dental, vision, diabetes)

  • Interactive Educational activities/workshops  with local students  

  • Provide sports equipment

  • Engage in local cultral activies

  • Feed a community  once a year &  Connect STOP HUNGER NOW with villages

This is a program that brings parents and teens together discovering the "gift of receiving as we give" to each other and the world around us. Returning to the simple values of life as we learn skills to make healthy choices and see the world in a more positive and giving perspective.

What makes YOU happy, really happy?

This baby is the perfect picture of the true meaning of HAPPINESS

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